Do you offer any Space Cloud plans for educational institutions?

Yes, we offer a special Classroom subscription plan that is suited specifically to educational environments. It can only be purchased by accredited educational institutions.


Classroom plan pricing:

  • 4,000 computation credits (previously CI credits) per month.

  • 5 GB of storage per user.

  • 25 GB of data transfer per user/month.

  • Unlimited applications, integrations, and searchable messages.

  • An unlimited number of users.

  • All Space features on the standard Organization plan.

  • $2 per active user/month (billed annually) or $2.50 per active user/month (billed monthly), prices in different currencies are available on request.


This plan cannot currently be purchased from the website or from within Space. Please contact for a quote.

And of course, the Free plan can be used by educational institutions free of charge.

Why do we need to pay for a Classroom subscription for Space?

Every active user in a Space organization consumes resources, in the form of computational power, computation credits, storage, and data transfer, and we need to pay the Cloud provider for the resources consumed. We have not found a way to make the Classroom subscription completely free, though we have managed to significantly reduce the cost.

We have provided as many features as possible in the Classroom subscription (as it includes the features from the Organization plan), and we’ve scaled down some of the resource limits according to the educational usage patterns shared with us by our educational partners. This guarantees the lowest per-user price possible. JetBrains does not make any income from the Classroom plans, as all the earnings are used to offset costs generated by the organization.

As much as we would like to provide a free Classroom subscription with unlimited resources, we can’t do that at this point, though we are looking into some options for the future.

Please share any feedback you have about the Classroom subscription. It would be very useful for determining how the Classroom subscription should evolve.

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