What agreements, policies, and other legal documents cover the usage of Space?

  • Space Terms of Service – These JetBrains Terms of Service describe how you can access, purchase, and use the in-cloud version of JetBrains Space. They are accepted by the company during the Space organization registration process.

  • Space Data Retention Policy – This policy ensures that necessary records, documents, and personal data are adequately protected and maintained, and that, when data is no longer needed by JetBrains or is of no further value, it is discarded at the proper time. This policy defines the retention requirements for customer data in JetBrains Space.

  • Team Tools Acceptable Use Policy – This policy explains what JetBrains considers unfair and unacceptable use of the product, what we consider inappropriate content, and how we can exercise our rights in regards to unacceptable use of the product.

  • Team Tools End-user Agreement – This JetBrains Team Tools End-user Agreement describes how you can use the in-cloud version of JetBrains Space. It is accepted by every end-user of Space during the Space member account registration process in your Space organization.

  • Privacy Policy and related policies – In these policies, we describe the types of data, including personal data, that we and our associated companies collect from you when you use JetBrains Websites and certain JetBrains products and services, how we and our associated companies use and disclose that data, and your options for accessing or updating your data.

  • Terms and Conditions of Purchase – These Terms and Conditions of Purchase describe how you can purchase JetBrains Space and other products or services.

  • JetBrains Account Agreement – This agreement describes the terms for using the JetBrains Account, which is necessary for managing your Space subscription.

  • Space Enterprise Agreement – This JetBrains Enterprise Agreement describes specific terms applicable to JetBrains Space Enterprise Subscription Plans with at least ten members.

  • And other documents listed on our legal pages.

Should you require any further information, please contact sales@jetbrains.com.

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