How can I try SpaceCode?

This guide will help you to set up your SpaceCode instance.


From May 27, 2024, you will receive access to SpaceCode. You and your teammates can switch to SpaceCode directly from your Space instance and easily switch back if you wish. You don't need to migrate your repos anywhere because, technically, SpaceCode is just another entrypoint that works against the same data.

If you're using Space On-Premises, upgrade your instance to the latest version 2024.2. You won't be able to switch to SpaceCode without upgrading first.

SpaceCode will bring access to all git hosting and code review features, even if your current Space tier doesn’t include some. For example, if you are on the Team Plan, you will have access to push restrictions for repositories and quality gates in merge request features. 


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I am using the on-premises version of Space and have upgraded to 2024.2 but I still cannot use SpaceCode. The screen says: Routing failed with internal error: Call to Me/info failed with error: Unable to connect to /code as it's disabled for the organization.

Is there something further I need to do?


Marc Gervais , sorry for late response. We'll recheck our documentation on Monday but for now we need to know how you updated your installation. Most likely your config file was not updated, what we're interested in is the value of `enabledFeatureFlags` parameter. It should contain a set of feature flags now, like this:



Artem Krosheninnikov, thanks to the assistance of Pavel Boger I was able to get it running. The issue was the enabledFeatureFlags was not set appropriately as you have indicated.


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