What data is accessed by JetBrains / third parties?

Space Cloud and team access

A few people from the Space Development team have access to the Space Cloud servers for development, maintenance and support purposes (and even in these cases only to the application that manages the Space cloud organizations (supervisor) and server logs only). The Space Infrastructure team has access to the customer data in AWS and can make backups. The team accesses Cloud data only to monitor application health and to perform system maintenance, or upon customer request. There is an option inside the Space application that allows the customer to explicitly grant the Space support team permission to log in to their Space application to investigate an issue and provide technical support. There are several levels of access that can be granted. When the issue is solved, the customer can simply revoke access.


The Space team monitors the Space Cloud servers 24x7. We understand that the availability of Space is critical for your work. We strive to maintain the uninterrupted availability and accessibility of your data. The Space Cloud Status service provides an overview of Space Cloud availability.

Access to your Space organization

Space is designed to make access to application data available only to users with login credentials for that organization. This means that no customer may access another customer's data without explicit knowledge of their account credentials. Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their own login information. Space team members can’t log in to the organization of a customer, except in cases where a customer explicitly invokes the customer support option. With this option enabled, members of the Space Support team can access an organization to help a customer with any issues they may be facing. Once support has been provided, the customer can revoke access.

Cloud Database

Only members of the Space Infrastructure team have access to the database where customer data is stored. Depending on the Space features used in your organization, this data may include:

  • Chats
  • Source code
  • Employee data
  • Issues
  • Documents
  • Checklists

What third parties have access to our data?

We may share your data with Amazon AWS, which provides the Cloud infrastructure for your Space organization. For activities other than running Space and keeping it available, we may use, and share your data with, third parties. We may also share your data with individual representatives of your company.

How do you ensure the security of involved third parties?

When onboarding a third party, we make sure that they comply with the current privacy regulations and that they have applied the security measures necessary for protecting your data.

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