We do our best to make sure our software is free of security vulnerabilities. Reality though is that it's not always the case. That is why we are very much eager and grateful to hear about any issues you find. Please report these directly to our issue tracker (setting issue type to 'Security Problem') or via email. You can find our PGP key on most public key servers.

PGP key for encrypted communications:

Key ID:
Fingerprint: 054C C087 8CA3 B1F0 DDBF 7A20 EF5A 4244 1A9D 68C8
Key size: 4096

For further information on how our responsible disclosure process works, please check our Coordinated Disclosure Policy.

In addition to the release notes for our products, we also provide you with a Security Bulletin that you can subscribe to, in order to obtain the latest information about Security Issues that may concern our products and services.

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