Are there any SLAs that cover availability and technical support response?

Technical support workflows and SLAs are provided and described in detail in this article. The response time and the availability of some support channels (e.g. phone support), depend on the subscription plan purchased. Monitoring and technical support for urgent matters (such as Space unavailability) are provided all day and every day including evenings, weekends, and holidays, and don’t depend on the subscription plan.

We are making every commercially reasonable effort to ensure Space is available to you at all times. Nevertheless, there are situations where we cannot commit to keeping Space available, such as periods of planned downtime; failures of Space, including outages or delays, contributed to by an internet service provider or cloud provider; or any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond JetBrains’ reasonable control. An availability commitment is available on the Enterprise subscription plan and is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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