What will NOT stay in SpaceCode?

  • Automation. You will be able to convert and transfer your Automation jobs to JetBrains TeamCity and continue using them for your CI/CD needs.
  • Issues. You will be able to move your issues to an alternative planning tool — JetBrains YouTrack.
  • Documents. Project documents can be exported to the YouTrack Knowledge Base.
  • Checklists. Can be extracted via HTTP API.
  • Blog posts. Can be extracted via HTTP API.
  • Chats. Messages can be retrieved in batch via HTTP API.
  • Packages. Package repository source data can be accessed and retrieved via HTTP API.
  • Calendars and calendar events such as Meetings, Absences, and Holidays. Personal calendars can be exported to .ICS files.
  • To-do lists.
  • Locations.
  • Work schedule.
  • Availability status.
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