Technical Support Workflow and Response Time SLA

We provide support to everyone – free and commercial customers, as well as trial and beta customers – and we have an internal SLA. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

Please note that this article covers technical support workflows and the SLA, and it does not extend to sales support. Our sales team normally replies within 24 business hours. Our sales team is regionally-distributed, and their business hours and national holidays vary depending on the region.


Response Times by Request Type

Our business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm CET. Our support team is located in Europe. The response time may be a little longer during national holidays. Tickets with the highest priority are processed regardless of business hours, days of the week, or holidays.

The target range for support request response times depends on your subscription plan:

  • Free plan — within two business days.

  • Team plan — by the end of the following business day.

  • Organization plan — on the same business day.

  • Enterprise plan — individual terms.


In addition to being sorted by plan type, requests are also assigned a priority level. An urgent request will be addressed as quickly as possible regardless of the subscription type of the account the request comes from. Other requests levels will be treated in the order of their priority within the timeframe associated with the plan type. For same-business-day requests, the First Reply Time (FRT) and Next Reply Time (NRT) depend on the request priority:




Target Standard FRT/NRT


Requires an immediate workaround or solution – a business-critical software component or a JetBrains Space instance is inoperable or unavailable; the production system is down.

Examples: The system hangs or crashes, the cloud instance is down, significant performance degradation, essential functionality is not available

2/4 hours


Negatively impacts production operations, but the production system is not down – the product functions but is seriously restricted.

Examples: A small number of users are blocked, a large number of users are affected but not blocked, some functionality is not available, data loss or data corruption.

2/4 business hours


A non-production issue – a majority of the functions are still usable or the problem is a limited condition that can be readily circumvented.

Examples: A small number of users are affected, some functionality does not work or works with partially noticeable performance degradation.

4/6 business hours


Issue or question that does not affect product functionality and can be readily circumvented.

For example: "How to" questions; the text of a message or page of documentation is worded poorly or misspelled, general feedback, feature requests.

6/8 business hours


Support Channels

Zendesk is our main support channel. For immediate attention to your problem, please make sure you submit a request to our support system.


Other Channels


Use the @jetbrains_space Twitter channel for quick questions. Please keep in mind that the response is limited to 280 symbols as well.

Issue Tracker

This channel is mostly used for filing bugs and feature requests. The development team handles the issue tracker, so it cannot be considered as the main support channel. If you’re not sure whether it’s a bug or support request, please file a request, and we’ll turn it into a bug if required.

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