Can I purchase different Space Cloud plans for different users?

No, plans are chosen per Space organization, and each organization can only use a single plan.

This means that you can’t combine, for example, users on the Team plan and users on the Organization plan within the same Space organization.

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Does this is assumes following use cases also infeasible?

1. John in a Free plan

1. Doe in a Team plan


mochadwi Correct. All users should be on the same pricing plan in the single Space organization.


This is a terrible business plan for Space. As much as I'd love to use it, the cost is absurd. There are plenty of cheap apps that do the same thing except with unlimited users. Having a QA team that just communicates could cost $100's, why would any company make that switch? This overpriced nonsense will not gain any share of the market. Either the price should be a flat fee no matter user count or basic permissions need to be configurable for free organizations. At the very least, Organization Members should not be able to read Git repositories. A guest feature has huge support, so hopefully things will change with that.


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