What happens when I downgrade to a lower subscription plan?

You can downgrade to a lower subscription plan (either lower paid plan or Free plan) at any time. If you do, you can expect the following things to happen to your organization:

  • Your resource limits will be set to the values for the new plan (computation credits, storage, data transfer).

  • If you downgrade to the Free plan, a limit for searchable messages limit will be reintroduced.

  • If you downgrade to the Free or Team plan, a limit on the number of applications/integrations will be reintroduced.

  • The scope of advanced features will be adjusted to match the new plan.

  • If you used advanced features from a higher subscription plan to create persisting entities, you will still be able to use this functionality even if it is not available on the new plan. For example, if you created custom roles on your old plan, you will still be able to use those custom roles after the downgrade, though you will no longer be able to edit them or create new ones.

  • We will preserve all the information that ceases to be available to you after the downgrade (e.g. due to a searchable messages limit on the Free plan), and it will all be restored if you upgrade back to a paid plan.
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