Why Space?

Space is more than just a collection of tools. It is a synthesis of various systems that are aware of each other and interact well to provide a more comprehensive experience. Additionally, Space has been designed with a focus on how organizations and teams are actually structured, minimizing the need to create additional groups.

For instance, when you join a team you have access to all its resources, and when you invite a team to a meeting, all members of that team are invited. When you share information, you can share it with a person, a team, or the whole company.

Space is also about lowering the cognitive load. It provides a uniform interface for many of the interactions the system supports. So whether you’re commenting on a blog post, approving a vacation, exchanging messages with a colleague, or even doing a code review, you can do it using a single message interface.

Just as our IDEs are more than just a collection of plugins, Space features are made to work with each other to provide a great experience.

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