Can I purchase JetBrains Space through a local reseller?

Yes, but with some limitations. Annual Space subscriptions can be purchased through a local or global reseller. In order to do so, you need to create a Free Space organization, invite users, and proceed with the Space paid-plan upgrade path. On the checkout form, there will be an option to pass the order execution to the reseller. The reseller will see the order in their JetBrains Reseller Portal and will get in touch with you.

There is also a workflow in place for setting up a paid plan without registering for a Free plan first via resellers, you need to contact them directly.

You cannot purchase monthly Space subscriptions through resellers. If you have purchased your plan through a reseller, you also cannot use your payment method to cover overdraft charges, though you can purchase any amount of General Credits and use them for your overdraft costs.

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