What Space Cloud subscription plan should I choose for my organization?

With Space Cloud, you always start with a subscription to the Free plan. Depending on your needs, you can move to one of the subscription plans, which provide access to more resources and features.

The Free plan is designed to help get you quickly get started with Space Cloud. It is easy to invite all your colleagues and intuitive so you will be soon working with it at full speed. There is no limit on the number of users, and all the basic features are available.

There are three major advantages to upgrading your plan:

  • Access to advanced features that are not available on your current plan.
  • Access to more resources, such as computation credits, storage, and data transfer. The additional resources are either included in the subscription or available via overdraft.
  • Quicker support options.

If you would like to try out a higher paid plan, limited time trials are available, too. They don’t provide access to increased resources, but they do give you all the advanced features.

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