What competitive advantages does Space offer?

  1. A platform for everyone: Space is a universal solution designed for both technical and non-technical professionals. Its collaboration tools, including the team directory, permission management, chats, blogs, meetings, locations, and vacations, have universal business appeal with their ability to connect people and processes across the whole organization.

  2. A platform for DevOps teams: Platforms often target enterprise use, while tools are typically designed with teams in mind. Space is different. It is a platform that fits teams of any size and that can easily be scaled to cover enterprise needs.

  3. An all-in-one solution: By providing a single platform where team members can communicate, share information, and collaborate on projects, Space helps break down the silos that are often inherent to organizations. Space helps people in a wide variety of roles be more productive and realize their full potential.

  4. A productivity solution: Reduce the noise, distraction, and duplication of having multiple notification channels that require context switching. In Space you get all your notifications about code review updates, newly created issues, new blog posts, and more in chats, and you can react in place or add them to your ToDo list automatically.

  5. The first-class integration with JetBrains IDEs: Members can clone their project repositories, track who’s currently working on a file to avoid the merge conflicts, and mute their notifications when they're coding or debugging.

  6. Information Personalization: Every bit of information is personalized, including the blog feed, meeting schedule, projects, tasks, to-do lists, commits, code reviews, automation updates, relevant knowledge base articles.

  7. Space is a platform: It can be extended and customized in various ways to fit the unique needs and business processes of different organizations.

  8. Versatile apps: Space offers a desktop application, as well as apps for both iOS and Android, and they all deliver tremendous functionality.

  9. The ultimate JetBrains solution: The Space Enterprise plan will include a JetBrains All Products Pack license for every active user.

  10. A cost-effective solution: Space is priced to offer the best value, especially when compared to the price of using a combination of separate application stacks. This allows companies to optimize their costs on the development and collaboration tooling.
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