Why would I choose Space over Upsource, YouTrack, and TeamCity?

Space is an Integrated Team Environment that includes not only software development-oriented tools, such as code review, issue tracking, and continuous integration, but also a team directory, calendars, HR tools, a knowledge base, messaging, and many other features for various roles in a company. It is a complete solution provided as a service or hosted on site (planned for 2021), and it requires little to no integration with other software products that have similar functionality while still providing support for third-party products.

Upsource, YouTrack, and TeamCity, while they can be integrated together, are also standalone products that can be used with many different solutions.

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It would be awesome if you guys merged Upsource, YouTrack and TeamCity into Space! 

Hopefully that will happen some day. Would love that.

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Is jetbrains space as powerful as youtrack for issues tracking and upsource for code review ?


This article claims to address a question I have, but says nothing specific.  Where are the feature comparisons?!


Someone on Twitter said (I cringe as I write that) that Spaces doesn't even provide notification when assignees are added to an issue, so I very much doubt there is usability or feature parity yet. A podcast a while back talked about Spaces and their investment in Kotlin, with Youtrack being around for a decade maybe I doubt they share the same codebase. It would be good to see a feature matrix though, i'm optimistic on Spaces but the breadth of area they are trying to cover seems a massive challenge (possible? overreaching? time will tell)


It would be awesome to have if not merged YouTrack into Space, but at least better integration. For now capabilities of YouTrack+Space integration is lower than YouTrack+GitLab, that's is weird:

  • No Space's Merge Requests support in YouTrack
  • No option to sync boards between YouTrack and Space. It would be awesome and will provide great UX, if team could change at least task state without leaving Space. Of course I can import issues YouTrack -> Space, but what for? Also sync assignees / reviewers would nice as well.

Anyone considering switching from any other CI to Space be warned the Space CI called Automation provides almost no features. Expect to hack any meaningful CI all in bash because the DSL you are supposed to write your CI in doesn't provide any benefits but is instead littered with random restrictions (things like code review trigger working only on `main` branch), basic features missing preventing you doing even the simplest of pipelines. I believe the product will get there eventually but if you expect the same level of polish as in IDEs tools you are in for a surprise I recommend reading more here https://www.jetbrains.com/help/space/automation-concepts.html#main-concepts


I have been trying for months to get someone, anyone, at JetBrains to answer this very question. Why is it they are avoiding answering it or even talking to anyone who asks it?

If someone from JetBrains actually takes the time to read this…perhaps you should try reaching out to your paying customers who have so many questions about these products.

What a frustrating time this has been…


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