If I run out of resources (computation credits, storage, data transfer), how do I get more?

If the overdraft option is enabled for your account (in Space Administration | Usage), you can use resources (Storage, Data Transfer, Computation Credits) in excess of the limits set in your subscription plan and settle the overdraft at the beginning of the following month.

The current prices for additional resources:

  • 10 GB Storage = $1.50.
  • 10 GB Data Transfer = $2.00.
  • 1000 Computation Credits (previously CI Credits) = $8.00.

To see the prices in other currencies, please refer to the pricing page. The base price is in US Dollars. Prices in other currencies are provided for reference and are calculated based on the approximate conversion rate. The final price will be provided at checkout, and it may differ from what you see here due to the current currency conversion rates used by JetBrains.

We always round the resources to the nearest GB or Computation Credit at the time of the overdraft settlement.

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