How do we transfer from the EAP/Beta to Space Cloud 2020 with the release?

As we’ve previously promised, once the Space Cloud EAP/Beta is finished, you’ll be able to smoothly transfer to any of the plans (including the Free plan) and migrate all of your data and users.

Every organization created before the Space Public Release Event on December 9, 2020 at 5 pm CET will be awarded three months of free Space usage on the Organization plan. This means they will be able to use Space on the Organization plan for free until March 8, 2021.

If you have an EAP/Beta Space organization(s), sometime during these three free months we will contact you with further automated transfer steps: you will be able to either add your billing details and choose a pricing plan or downgrade to a Free plan. If you require additional resource overdraft during these 3 months, our support team can guide you through the process of adding the billing information for the overdraft even if we haven’t sent you the transfer information.

Should you have any questions about the transition process, please contact us.

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