unable to mirror gitlab repo

Setting up a trial repo to gitlab. Dialog reports successful test connection. 


Exceptions from vcs pod(s) - appears to be using invalid URL "http://jb-space-space:9084/~vcs-push-notification/index/<project>-<repo>-<stamp>" instead of "https://jb-space.mydomain.com/..." 

Clearly Im missing some setting in my values.yaml but am not sure which.

Also unfortunate as this likely implies I have to tear everything down again to update this setting(s). Please please make it possible to edit these without having to recreate everything.


More: exception in space pods: "jetbrains.vcs.server.api.client.GitApiException: URL: http://jb-space-vcs:19084/~rpc, context: space/<project>-<repo>-<stamp>, method: createRepository, status: 400 Bad Request, body start: Failed to initialize repository. LOCK_FAILURE"


also using incorrect url


Ethrbunny, talking about the first one, it's an internal call, and using the internal URL is an expected behavior in this case. Please make sure that jb-space-space is the correct service name.

As for the second case, could you please share the entire logs from the vcs pod? Feel free to submit a support request here.


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