Billing for non-developer

Hi jetbrains! We considering switching to Space so I'm testing Space for a presentation to my team. We got 20 active projects and we use a similar but less powerful system like Space. We also want to use a system for communication with clients. We are a small team but we have over fifty people - clients with whom we would like to communicate through this platform. So I want to ask if there is a role for a client who has access to only a few sections and who is not charged as a regular team member. The price for such a number of clients with whom we only want to discuss is not possible for us.



I want to chime in and +1 this request!

We have the opposite problem with the same requirement: We outsource a lot of content production to partners and freelancers, and the team needs an easy way to communicate with them. Right now, we use Slack alongside Space just for this kind of external communication, but it would be really great to have it in a single platform!

It would be fantastic to be able to create a special kind of partner chat channel where we could invite guests.


Hi everyone! There's such a feature request in our tracker. Please feel free to upvote the issue and subscribe to its updates:


I will chime in on this before sending this to sales. Having to raise subscription level to enterprise to have segmented 'private' projects has increased the spend for space by a lot as all users even clients / stakeholders are being charged at this rate as a normal seat and that is a little unfair imho.

This is a key feature that needs to be resolved to keep us using space.


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