Lost space url

How can I find my space url?

I did use it a bit in the beginning but now when I want to revisit and check feature progress I can find any reference to my space URL anywhere in emails etc. 


Is there any way to find it?




Could you please send your request to the Space support team?


Thanks, Kirill!

I found it deep in my browser history, so the problem is solved.

Thanks anyway.

But it might be good to be able to find your spaces in some way, in case you're part of several.



Same issue. I must even Google to find the space domain.


I know what my "subdomain" is, just keep forgetting what the rest of the URL is. In case someone came to this post looking for the same thing, this is the URL: [subdomain].jetbrains.space

BTW, I found it on the JetBrains support page when I was about to submit a support ticket on this issue.


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