Youtrack features/migration and project file manager/wiki/documentation

Hi JB/Space team.

I have to mention you are developing an amazing product, thanks.


1 - Is there any plans to add all issue related features contained in Youtrack?

- Agile boards

- Custom fields in issues.

- Time tracking.

- Custom Dashboards/reports.

*Basically just bring it all to Space, rsrsrs.


2 - Would be very nice to have a non code related file manager in projects or maybe a wiki that can attach files (something like have in MS Teams)

- Maybe just something that connects to cloud storages like Onedrive, Google Drive or Box is a start. Just the indexes are shown in Space.


That would be perfect!

Thanks again.

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Thank you for the feedback. The answer to both questions is yes.


Kirill Falk
The Drive to Develop

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