What is JetBrains Space?

Space is an all-in-one collaboration solution that brings teams and the whole company together in a shared environment. It provides all the tools required to communicate effectively and work on projects.

Space covers a wide range of business processes. It provides a team directory for maintaining a transparent organizational structure; Documents, Calendars, Blogs, and Chats for effective communication and collaboration; and Checklists, Issues, and Boards for project management.


Space completely supports the software development lifecycle, making it possible to host Git repositories, build applications with automation jobs, and publish artifacts to built-in package and container registries. The development process is further supported with planning tools, documents, an issue tracker, and code review with merge requests.


Space is designed as a platform, both in terms of product extensibility and business opportunities. It provides a rich HTTP API, Webhooks, and a Client SDK to integrate with external tools. Kotlin workflows allow for flexible customization and in-product automation, and applications serve as the primary way to configure, reuse, and share extensions.

While Space currently has a significant focus on software development teams, it can be used to great effect in any field where collaboration and information sharing is important.

You can learn more about Space on the product website.

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