Issue with ingress using latest k8 (1.24)

Not sure when this change occurred but if you use 1.24 you'll notice that the ingresses created by space lack addresses. You'll need to edit the definitions (kubectl edit ingress jb-space-space -n kube-space) and insert 'ingressClassName: nginx' (or whatever your ingress class is) between the 'spec' and 'rules'.


K8 will notice this and recreate the definition. You'll see address values appear if you watch.


Ethrbunny, please note that Ingresses have the following convention, which means that ingressClassName can be specified in values, without editing definitions.

{{- if }}
  ingressClassName: {{ | quote }}
{{- end }}

Could you please be more specific about Ingress Controller that is used in your case?


I spent some time trying to implement the nginx ingress but have given it up as it doesn't appear to support ACM certs (which are a requirement). Im now trying to provision an nlb via aws. 


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