Evaluating on-prem install - minio / s3 ?

Am attempting to setup an on-prem install of space in aws. I have postgres, elastic(open)search and redis up but am not clear on what to do with minio. Is there some way to substitute s3 for this? Does minio need to be running in k8 as well?

Also v curious about this mention in the install doc: "When planning the backup solution from the infrastructural point of view, take the need to store 1 petabyte of data as a starting assumption. "

A petabyte? seriously? Of what? Seems like a pretty serious adoption barrier.


It would be great if the install docs could be updated to reflect the latest/greatest info.



Ethrbunny, thanks for the questions! Sure, it's possible to use any s3-compatible object storage solution. Refer to the *.objectStorage.* parameters in the values.yaml file to configure the proper one.


As for the second question, we definitely need to adjust the wording here 🙈 This number really depends on the number of users/projects/repositories in the organization. 1 petabyte is the rough estimation for an organization with 1000+ users and hundreds of projects.


S3: that's great to know. The docs (to me) make it sound like minio is a requirement. Maybe include some other on-prem installation scenarios?


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