ON-PREM: Use Env Variables to configure vcs.on-premises.properties

Im trying to configure the Space On Prem configs using envs for secrets. It works on all except for the vcs. As I understand *.properties don't interpolate env vars.

Are there other configs or other ENVS that can be set to configure the s3 access keys for example.

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Jarek Toro B, thanks for reporting this! We'll provide a fix to support env variables in the VCS config file as well. Meanwhile, below is the workaround I could suggest.

Let's say, we'd like to pass `vcs.dfs.sql_password` property as an env variable (this should work for any other properly as well).

  1. Completely remove this property from the `vcs.on-premises.properties` file.
  2. Convert its name to the following format: VCS_HOSTING_VCS_DFS_SQL_PASSWORD.
  3. Add it to the docker-compose.yml like this: 

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