Self-hosted worker issue /mnt/space/system/entrypoint: No such file or directory


I have configured a self-hosted worker using the docker setup in a host running Linux Alpine v3.16.2

If I setup the docker volume as described in the instructions:

-v /tmp/jetbrains/space/automation/worker:/tmp/jetbrains/space/automation/worker 

The job finish successfully, but if I try to use a different path for the local folder, like:

-v /space/worker:/tmp/jetbrains/space/automation/worker

The same job fails with the error:

[Bootstrap] Download from Space endpoint pipelines/system/docker/config into `system/docker/config.json`
/bin/sh: /mnt/space/system/entrypoint: No such file or directory

I have changed the permissions of the /space/worker folder with chmod 777 /space/worker, but it doesn't help

Is there a way to configure a different folder for the worker in the host?







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Hi Petrus, if you'd like to change the directory path on the host, it's also necessary to change it within the container itself, e.g.:

-v /space/worker:/space/worker

Then it's also necessary to pass the following env variable to the container to let the worker know that the directory is changed:

-e SPACE_WORKER_DATADIR=/space/worker
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Thanks Pavel, it works


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