Automation docs don't match the quick start examples

I'm trying to set up a job to build and push a  container from my current project. 
However I found that the Quick Start examples available in the Space Job creation window are not the same as in the JetBrains Space docs. 


job("Build and push Docker") {
    docker {
        build {
            context = "docker"
            file = "./docker/Dockerfile"
            labels["vendor"] = "mycompany"
            args["HTTP_PROXY"] = ""

        push("") {


job("Publish to Docker Hub") { kaniko("Docker build and push") { // assign project secrets to environment variables env["HUB_USER"] = Secrets("dockerhub_user") env["HUB_TOKEN"] = Secrets("dockerhub_token") // put auth data to Docker config beforeBuildScript { content = """ B64_AUTH=${'$'}(echo -n ${'$'}HUB_USER:${'$'}HUB_TOKEN | base64 -w 0) echo "{\"auths\":{\"\":{\"auth\":\"${'$'}B64_AUTH\"}}}" > ${'$'}DOCKER_CONFIG/config.json """ } build { labels["vendor"] = "mycompany" } //in push, specify repo_name/image_name push("myrepo/hello-from-space") { tags{ +"1.0.\$JB_SPACE_EXECUTION_NUMBER" } } } }
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Hi Ilya Levin, could you please be more specific about where the first example comes from? I just checked the scripts provided in Space UI, and they show the new version with kaniko and host blocks as expected. Thanks!


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