How many projects for an app?

Hi together,

I am trying to set up my app development in Space.

Currently I have several GitHub Repos, which issues for each.

I miss a place to put user stories, that most probably affect several repositories. I started using confluence, but then I would need to create issues for several repos.

Using Space, what are best practices?

One project for all app repos? Or separating front-end and back-end repos, because there are several frontends with separate people working on it?

Where would I put user stories / requirements ideally, that affect front-end and back-end?

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Thanks for the questions! If the repositories logically belong to the same project or share the same user stories, it makes sense to manage them under a single project in Space. This approach allows having all issues, documents, checklists, and boards in a single place and shared between repositories. On the contrary, if the repositories are not related to each other, it's better to manage them as separate projects in Space.

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Thanks for the fast reply!

Currently I have two projects, but will merge them, because the repositories are related.

There are different teams working on them, but they share user stories.


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