Migration to Space, open issues

This is Matthias, from a small German based app development company.
I tried Space for a while but was not able to migrate my company. I love the „search everywhere approach“, but I was stuck with:
  • No public feature voting / commenting for our users. I use Productboard.com. So a sync would be necessary.
  • No templates for checklists to create repeatable processes
  • No email. I would continue to use google workspace, but then need an integration at least with the calendar and Google meet
  • A searchable wiki with linked pages to build an internal knowledge base
  • Since we use Github actions a way to see results of GH actions - or a simple way to migrate to Space Jobs.
  • A possibility to add notes from mobile.
Did I miss these functions in space? If not, what are your workarounds / tools you use additionally?

Thanks in advance!

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