SonarQube integration with Space Repo

Trying to use the SonarQube integration to discover project and fetch repositories and project into SonarQube. Are there any known steps how to be able to find API URL, and Personal Access Token in Space. Or how is it supposed to be used ?

Otherwise it's possible to send thru the pipelines directly to Sonarqube, but would be nice if the first alternative was possible to use.

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Hi Andreas Mattisson, thanks for the question! If I understood your use case correctly, you're looking for the Report external check status method. It's used to notify Space projects about any checks taking place externally.

As for the authentication, I'd recommend using Space Applications which allows setting granular access permissions to projects and supports different authentication flows.

You may also want to configure Space Webhooks to notify SonarQube about any changes taking place in the repositories.

Finally, these external checks could also be used in Space Quality Gates, to take them into account when reviewing merge requests.




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