Where I can see the development environment container url address?

Hi, maybe stupid question, but where I can see the developement environment url address? When I will start NodeJS webserver inside the development envitonment container, I need to know the public URL address to the page.

...and is it possible somehow to use my own server to run development environments instead of AWS?


Thanks a lot for each answer.   


In most development environments, the URL or hostname for the server can be found in the terminal or console output when starting the Node.js web server. The server's message will typically include a line like "Server running on http://localhost:3000" or "Listening on," where the specific URL depends on your server setup.

Using your own server instead of AWS to run development environments depends on the platform you're using. Some development tools or platforms allow deploying environments on your infrastructure, while others are tied to specific cloud providers like AWS. If you opt for self-hosting, you'll need to establish your server infrastructure, configure the platform to use your server, install necessary software (e.g., Docker), and handle networking aspects. This process can be intricate, requiring advanced technical knowledge and experience.


Rene Klauco, Hi!

Have you tried to interact with the Node interface using the IDE terminal and use port forwarding inside the IDE? The help article below explains how to configure the port forwarding:



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