Space REST query library


Space offers some queries in its REST API, like $top, $skip, $fields and some more. I am wondering, what library is used for that? shows all libraries that are used for Space, but I couldn't find the one responsible for the queries.

And besides: $top, $skip and $fields look like they are inspired by the OData protocol. Are they based on some standard?




Thank you for your question!

We do not use any particular library here or follow any standard literally. We just borrow popular constructs to make API more predictable for people familiar with other APIs.

Margarita Kolotilova
The Drive to Develop


I see, that's strange, because I've seen many projects using some kind of filter fields and similar queries, but currently there doesn't seem to be a library for it. RSQL is a library for parsing such queries, but it is discontinued and there is no current alternative. I've hoped that Jetbrains has a project here.

However, thanks for the answer. 


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