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We are working closely with some partner companies and to be agile we need to integrate those users in the project management part of space. Will there be a possibility to create users at a reduced price with less functionality (e.g. issues and chat only, no repos, no automation,...)

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Thank you for this question!

We plan to add support for the possibility to include external members, people who are not members of your organization but can be authorized in Space with a limited set of permissions. The external member role can be used for product stakeholders, customers, or partners. Our first step is to add support for external collaborators in the Chats channels and project artifacts, including documents, issues, repositories, and package artifacts. This is a part of our Roadmap for 2021. Please feel free to upvote the related ticket SPACE-5844 External Guest Access and subscribe for further updates.

Margarita Kolotilova
The Drive to Develop

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Thank for the quick reply.
That's great news, looking forward to this feature and fingers crossed, the targeted timeline stays ;)


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