Code reviews on branch merges

I have been working on branch A for several days. I want to merge that work into branch B. To avoid creating any issues on branch B (which is used my more people) I first merge branch B into branch A,  and then fix any conflicts. Having sorted those conflict, I then merge branch A into branch B, and then push the merge back to origin.

I would like to create a code review on the changes this process has applied to branch B, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to create a code review for a merge, since it does not seem to register for a commit.

Is there a way for me to create a code review reflecting the changes made to branch B?

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Hi James Pigden, thanks for the detailed explanation! Could you please clarify if there's a specific reason for creating a code review after merging branch A into branch B? Would reviewing the changes before merging them into branch B work for your case? Thanks!

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Hi Pavel,

So my issue comes from there not being a good commit to review. If work on a branch for 3 days, and commit repeatedly in that time (due to working in different locations), then no single one of those commits comprises the breadth of my changes. If I could make a code review of the merge to branch B, then the changes to branch B from that merge are ALL of my changes of those 3 days.




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