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Just trying out Space - I would like to notify external systems about commits. In the automation script I would like to access the commit message, and the user who made it (name/space link). Is there a way?

Also it would be nice to run automations on issue events (e.g. notify that an issue changed state etc). Any joy?

Many thanks,

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Tim - hi,

Right now there is no way to do that, but it will be possible as soon as SPACE-13913 Provide an ability to resolve list of commits between current and previous job executions in kotlin script is ready, so please feel free to upvote the ticket and subscribe to further changes. Then you will be able to reach out to the necessary information via the Space API method List commits matching query ( from the Kotlin script.

Currently, Space doesn't provide the opportunity to trigger jobs on issue events, so I've created a feature request for the team SPACE-15279 [Automation] Trigger automation on issue events. Could you please share with us your use case when such a trigger is needed? It will be very useful for developers to have a real-world example to take into account all the peculiarities.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Margarita Kolotilova
The Drive to Develop


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