Space storage is too small for game development

Hi, I'm currently on Free tier now. I discovered that 10GB cap for Space shared among all the repos created under 1 space account, which is tiny considering small games are often a few hundred MBs. Is there any plans to upsize the storage or make it 10GB limit per repo?

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i came here to ask about something similar.

i was looking into storing binary art assets in gdrive

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Thank you for reaching out to us!

Unfortunately, there is no way to upsize the storage size on a Free plan. Now the bigger storage becomes available only with a paid subscription ( Also, I've provided the team with your feedback to take into account and discuss.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Margarita Kolotilova
The Drive to Develop

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chris rogers There are coming out with a GDrive equivalent called Space Drive slated to release this year.

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Margarita Kolotilova Even if paid plans had the options to buy more storage but it's USD $1.50/10 GB and all of that has to share among all repos within 1 space account. That is quite expensive considering if we were to render a gameplay cutscene that would easily take up a huge chunk of the storage. Though I'm more likely to place my bets on the on-premise version of Space, should the data transfer and storage depends on the premise instead of relying on Jetbrain's cloud storage and transfers.

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Dude why u asking for more from the free plan.

The whole purpose of free plans is to allow folks to try something out with minimal requirements to see if the overall service is suitable. It's like u get a sample at a store and asking for bigger sizes. 10G is pretty generous for free don't u think. 


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