Estimation field to issue and importing from wiki?


As our current issue tracker and wiki supplier is ending support, we are looking for a replacement. Space with all of its functionality seems very interesting to us, so we'd like to clarify few things to help us decide where to migrate.

1) Space has issues, boards and sprints. Is there - or can one be added - a field for an issue, that holds the information how big the issue is? Like estimation in days or points. So this information could be decided how many issues can be taken to a sprint.

2) It is my understanding that issues from the old issue tracker could be imported using Space HTTP API. Is there a way to create boards and workflows via the API?

3) We have extensive documentation in our wiki, which we would like to import as automatically as possible to new provider. From the HTTP API Playground I concluded that with the API one could create drafts of documents. Could a "published" document be created using API?


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Hello! Please find the answers one by one below:

  1. Our team is already working on the Custom Fields for issues. This functionality should cover this case when released, so please stay tuned as we plan to release it really soon.
  2. That's right, Space provides API for migrating issues from any other issue tracker. Please find the detailed description here. As for the issue boards, there's no such API at the moment, but we'll definitely add in the future releases.
  3. There's no such API at the moment, however, it's planned for future releases.

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