Automation Caching

Is there any way of caching parts of a build with Space Automation?


  1. Could I cache a node_modules directory somewhere for re-use in builds?
  2. Could I use --cache-from when building a docker image using the Kotlin DSL?

Docker --cache-from (after pulling an image) would be immensely useful in a lot of ways. Any process that takes time could be cached based on the input, e.g. installing packages, composer, bundler, npm, compiling dependencies.

Directly caching files such as node_modules could similarly be useful, and might result in pulling fewer docker images. e.g. Gitlab CI

For docker cache in Gitlab, I currently use a script like the below:

image: docker:git
- docker:dind

- build


- docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_BUILD_TOKEN

stage: build
- docker pull $CONTAINER_IMAGE:latest || true #To use for cache
- docker build --build-arg BUILD_NUMBER=$CI_COMMIT_TAG --cache-from $CONTAINER_IMAGE:latest -t $CONTAINER_IMAGE:$CI_COMMIT_TAG -t $CONTAINER_IMAGE:latest .
- docker push $CONTAINER_IMAGE:latest
- tags
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I'm wondering the same. I'm currently evaluating both jetbrains space and github. I currently have a jenkins build runner and our build will take at least 30 min. on every commit if I have to do a clean build. I was surprised to find that there are no clean implementations for caching the build data between github workflow runs. There are more complicated ways that are supposed to work, but I haven't had success yet. So far, a bit dissapointed with github actions. If the same issues exist here it looks like I create setup with my locally hosted runner.

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According to the below ticket, caching in JetBrains space automation currently not yet available. This feature is reported to be on the roadmap for Q3 2022:

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You can still use --cache-from in Space automation. I found that using a container(image = "docker:latest") job step is more flexible than the built in docker(..) job step. With the container, I can run any docker shell commands I want. Adding --cache-from cut my step from 20 minutes down to 5.


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