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I am currently evaluating Space and looking into how to structure visible data between teams and what can be hidden.

From what I saw there are private projects but only on Organization not on the Team plan, correct?

Would there be other ways to hide e.g. created issues in one project from members of another project? Or are these always visible as long as it is not a private project? Are there other permissions for such a case?




Hello! Thanks for the question. In fact, even without Private projects, it's possible to configure access levels to any project artifacts and implement the use case that you described. For this, navigate to Project -> Settings -> Access and configure permissions for different roles.

As a side note, here's the blog post that might be useful:


Ahoi Pavel Boger

Thanks for the response.

Ok, understood. Also found that. But that would still mean that without Organization level of licensees I cannot control it, as only Organization, and not the Team level license, has custom roles.

Or does 

  • Additional permission management

on a Team license mean I could alter the existing predefined roles and for example remove "View issues" from the pre-defined organization member role?

Sorry if I ask that many questions, but I am looking into suggesting or not Space to replace a lot, why I want to be sure and wasn't able to get everything out of the comparison matrix.


Thanks a lot


PS: You should definitely extend on the license comparison matrix. That would be cool ^^


That's true. Custom roles are available on the Organization plan and higher. Nevertheless, it's possible to use predefined Project Member, Project Collaborator, and Organization Member roles to distribute access permissions across all members. For instance:

  • Project Collaborators have read/write permissions;
  • Project Members have read permissions;
  • Organization members have no permissions to access project artifacts.

Talking about "Additional permission management" on the pricing page, it refers to the following functionality:


Hi Pavel Boger


Maybe I don't get it, but right now I cannot change anything on the predefined roles on a project. Working with the predefined roles is fine for me.

But what do I need to change these? What license? What level? I am administrator on my Space and Project right now but cannot change a single checkbox under my Project -> Settings -> Access where I am administrator. All is disabled, this is where my question came from.




Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought we're talking about the Team plan. Yes, managing permissions for the predefined roles is available on the Team plan and higher. On the Free plan, this option is going to be blocked.

By the way, you can request trial access to the Team/Organization features on your Space account. For this, please submit a support request providing your organization domain.



Super, perfect, thanks. Exactly what I wanted to know.

Sorry about my miscommunication and thanks for the quick help! ^^


Cheers and stay safe!


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