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My current biggest issue is that documents are not supporting in the mobile app. We are current trying space for shooting videos and having access to the plan /scripts for the day outside on the phone would be useful. Just chats and comments are sufficient for logging what we are doing.  Is this in the works?

Current we are using the blog feed, but this feel like it might be problematic. Do anyone have any other suggested work flows?





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Chris - hi,

thank you for your question!

Right now Documents are not available from the mobile app directly but of course, the Space team plans to extend mobile apps functionality, and in terms of Documents next steps will be to open them from chats and To-Do lists, the way blog links are working now.

While this functionality is in progress please try the following workaround:

* open your Space instance in a browser

* navigate to the desired document

* copy document URL from the browser address bar

* paste the copied URL as an item to the To-Do list

* open your mobile app -> To-Do list -> click the document link and wait a bit

Please let me know about your questions if any.

Margarita Kolotilova
The Drive to Develop



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