Automatic Issue creating

Hey guys,

I would love a way to create issues in code similar to TODOs. So I can type (Java):

//ISSUE: Somethings not working

and my IntelliJ or alikes then asks me if I want to create an issue when I commit similar to the promp about TODOs. Through the Space extension it then can create an issue in the project the repo im pushing to is from. Even more perfect would be an annotation system like:

//ISSUE: Somethings not working @assignee: User2 @due: 12.12.2020 @status: open

that even reacts to changes made in space. So the issue on the Issues list is linked to the code and when User2 sets the status to in progress it updates the code with a commit updated issue.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put intoyour software! I hope there will be a free "Space community" to self host so students like me can mess with the code and learn from it.

Have a nice day!


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