Will fully public GitHub-like repositories become available?

As far as I understood, in Space "public repository" means "available for each member of organization but not for everyone".

But for public oner-source projects, repositories with unlimited access (visible for everyone even for unauthenticated users) required.

Personally I am ready to post my open-source libraries on Space instead of GitHub, but can I do it?


Any update on this? Space looks interesting but we want all of our issue tracking and source code to be open source.


If it won't happen anytime soon, how about setting up mirroring with (for example) GitHub from the Space-side? Can the Space repositories be "exported" to GitHub, and then enable mirroring between them?


Joachim Pileborg, please note that GitHub doesn't support mirroring external repositories anymore. The only workaround is setting up custom webhooks that'd fetch the repository periodically.


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