Should have the ability to control desktop notifications & Ping instead?

I think that users should be able to control what triggers desktop notifications, or at least a setting to have a "confidentiality-shield" of sorts because some people who screen-share during meetings, might also have notifications come up in the background, and since the notification shows the start of the body of the message received, it could cause privacy concerns.

One option that might be nice is to have, rather than just desktop notifications, the app should generate a "ping" similar to Discord where, rather than getting a desktop notification for the message received, you just hear a noise.

- If that approach is taken though, make it something toggle-able so people can turn it on/off easily.


Hello, thanks for the suggestion! I've shared your ideas with the team, so we could evaluate the best way of resolving this use case. 


How is it possible that it is 2023 and you have not yet implemented a way to disable desktop notifications from your application?

Hello, thank you for reporting that!
Space is supposed to disable all notifications when a user sets their status to Unavailable. So it seems to be an issue here. We've filed it as Please feel free to upvote the issue, comment on it and subscribe to its further changes.

I didn't ask about being "unavailable", this is about disabling notifications period. It's unacceptable that you expect people to use some arbitrary status in your application to disable serious leaks from your software. If I have a screen sharing on and someone shares confidential information in a direct message to me in Space, it will just flash on the screen.

I *NEVER* want any notifications on my desktop from any application, even less from an application that has a decent chance of the information being private, confidential, or having security implications.


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