how to connect issue and git branch?

Is it possible to get connection between issue and git branch?



I would like to see this connection become a reality as well. I would like to easily go from an issue to a relating branch with commits for easy reviewing. 

So a use-case would be:

  1. Creating issue X (maybe the option to automatically create a branch of a specific branch)
    example: automatically create "[configurable-prefix]/X"
  2. Link it to branch Y (if above examble is not implemented)
  3. While browsing a sprint, click on an issue and see what work has been done

Another use-case would be

  1. Receiving a merge/pull request or review request for a specific commit of a specific branch
  2. Being able to see to which issue the said commit of branch corresponds

Hi Leonid, not at the moment. May I ask you to share some more details about your use case, so we could evaluate the best option to solve it?


If I may add, Mr. Berens describes exactly our current "pipeline" on Gitlab. The issue is responsible to create the branch, the developer works on it, pulls and opens a merge request.This usually means that the card is moved to "Staging" where tests are done (the branch is deployed to a staging server, which would be nice if we could automate too by moving the card and a CI script)




Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing the information about your use cases. Here's the task in our tracker for this feature request:

Please feel free to vote for it and subscribe to further updates.


Hello, what is the status of this issue @... Pavel Boger ?


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