Space feature suggestion

I tried to migrate our company's Slack, Github, and Asana to Space.

However, to migrate those tools we need 3 more features which are very necessary for our team.


1. Google calendar integration with the Space team calendar.

- We currently use G Suite, and people manage their schedules with Google Calendar and Slack channel.

- And it is kinda tired that we need to put an event on Google Calendar and leave a message in the Slack channel with detail reasoning.

- Sometimes people leave a message on Slack only or put an event on Google Calendar. not both.

- So, Space can solve these problems.

- However, while we cannot integrate Google Calendar or the other external calendar, each person has to manage their own calendar and Space either. it's still tired to manage each one's time


2. Checklist improvement

- Checklist is basically really good to organize work. I really love the way how we can make/convert issues in Checklist

- However, in UI wise, when we click an item in Checklist, we have to move to detail issue page rather than open issue content right-hand side of the page like Issues feature (which is supported in Asana)

- Also, I want to see brief information on Checklist, if the item is converted to Issue (like Asana again)


3. Project Calendar

- On Teams, we got a member's schedule calendar. that's great. However, I want to have a project calendar based on each issue's timeline/deadline


Otherwise, Space is really great tool to co-work at least in our company. Thank you for your work and I really love to use it properly ASAP

Thank you.


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