Integration with Youtrack as a VCS

Are Space and Youtrack going to be integrated in terms of VCS?

I would expect to be able to create branches, create code reviews from Youtrack and close issues in Youtrack as a result of a successful merge in Space.





Hi Ruidsilva,

Yes, we're planning to provide an integration between Space VCS and YouTrack, in the same manner, YouTrack integrates with other VCS: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket. You'll be able to link the appropriate commit message to the YouTrack issue and apply the command from commit comment. We don't have plans to go further at the moment and suggest using the Space issue tracker for better integration.


Hi Valerie,

That is good to know. I am currently using Gitlab as my main repository for both code and task tracking, but find it somewhat limited. The association of Space and YouTrack seems to be a perfect match for what I'm looking for.

Can you share any plans or roadmap for this integration?




Hi Rui,

According to our plan for 2020, we put more focus on developing issue tracking functionality in Space. This way we'll provide deeper integration between VCS and Issues. Integration with YouTrack is planned as well, but unfortunately, we can't provide any estimates for it at the moment.


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