git + lfs support?


I'm curious if space supports git + lfs or not.



Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we support it.


Kirill Falk
The Drive to Develop

My experience with GIT LFS so far has been

  • Build Unity application
  • Read Git LFS docs which more or less states: forget about it, just install it and keep working as you usually do, IT JUST WORKS
  • Proceed to try to push to Github and then it fails for a million reasons like:
  • The size of the push payload is too big
  • The size of a specific path of the push is too big
  • I'm pushing too many commits at the same time (what? :D)

This was my experience from both an existing Git repo that enabled LFS and from a fresh repo that started off with LFS. Even with an initial commit of a fresh blank Unity project is rejected by Github, so in essence, completely useless for us.

Does Space have the same sort of limitations?


Rn, thanks for sharing your experience with GitHub and LFS. Talking about Space, we don't expect the limitations you mentioned in the list, so please feel free to test it and let us know about any questions.


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