Team Dependency and Member Roles within Teams

Hi, I'm currently testing JetBrain Space before proposing its use to my team. I'm, indeed, part of an University student team and we are looking for some effective management tool. 

Currently we use many things such as Slack, GitHub, the G Suit etc. We have seen that Space actually include many functionalities in one single software so it could be more "user friendly". 

During these "tests" I discovered something that I would like to suggest for future implementations or at least discuss. They are:

- Improved teams dependencies. At the moment, adding a member to a sub team does not add him/her to the parent team;

- Link a role to the member and not to team profile linked to that member. What i mean is that when I add a member to a team, Space asks me to define its role (such as tester, developer, manager, etc), then if I had this same member to a sub team or an another team, Space keeps asking me for its role. Yet, I understand it is done because someone can have different roles according to the team considered. Hence, I would suggest to add another voice among the member personal data regarding its general/main role in the team. An acceptable solution could be to add the role among the inherited variables.


Hope to ear from you soon


besides, congratulations for the work done with space, it is something very nice. 


Alessandro Meloni

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Thanks for the feedback, and so sorry for the delay. 

- It works, but we do not show the parent team. Where and how would you like to see such info? 

- Am I right that you would like to see a general role under the user profile page (somewhere under the contact details)?



Kirill Falk
The Drive to Develop

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