Wiki Functionality?

So from what I can gather Space wants to be a complete solution, but what I'm missing is wiki functionality.

There's blog functionality, but in particular what I want is a page that can be revised and updated more similarly to a wiki page document (a good example might be the landing page for project on-boarding), rather than a blog post which I'd expect to remain mostly static. I'm surprised that this isn't part of the package and I wonder if I'm doing it wrong. I can do this all though markdown in repositories, but I've found that persuading other team members to do things that way is an up-hill struggle.

So my question is: if I need a wiki within the Space paradigm should I be leveraging the blog functions in some way, building a wiki in markdown in a repository using another mechanism, or using an external wiki because this use case is just something that isn't supported yet?



We have plans to provide this and have some prototypes in the works.


Is there a proper roadmap for Space? Wiki is one of the things we would like to see before moving over. It's good for us to know how far into the future features are.


Are there any news on this functionality? Just signed up for EAP and can't find any functionality like described.

Space seems to be a great all-in-one tool for team collaboration, but leak of this functionality make you to sign up for another collaboration tools in addition to it (e.g. Confluence). In my personal experience, looking at different companies, internal blogs are rarely adopted but almost every company or team needs a space for internal documentation which is commonly implemented as wiki. And it covers a bunch of usage scenarios. That's why it is common to find this tool within collaboration tools offerings (e.g. Atlassian, Basecamp, even Yandex). 

As I see for us it could be a blocker to switch totally to Space as I expect questions from my mates on how to create a documentation. 


Hi Andrew, thanks for the question! The works are on the final stage right now, and the Knowledge Base functionality is going to be released soon. Please subscribe to the Blog updates to be informed about the release.


Hi Pavel, thanks for the great news! Looking forward to it! :)


Hi all!

I still find the blog vs document terms confusing and overlapping, but still incomlete. We need team wiki: documents/wiki pages with versioning and commenting functionality. Even better with full VCS support (backed as a git repo, like in gitlab).

Since Spaces is launched, what can I expect?


Any updates on this issue?


Alex Pravdin - hi!

Currently, Space has Documents in Projects where one can collaboratively work and share rich text, checklists, photos and videos, and any other files. Could you please let us know if there is something special that you're explicitly missing?


Margarita Kolotilova I didn't know that projects may have documents, as I'm researching how the product may fulfill our needs. Thank you for mentioning it.

The project documents functionality is nice. But what I miss is the possibility to make cross-documents links and don't break them when linked documents' names changed. I.e. we need permanent links to documents.


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