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I cannot find any info on the website about pricing for education users or non-profits. Are there any discounts or free plans available for these users? I am testing this for my research lab (would be ~ 18 active users for 8-9 months/year) currently but some of the features I would need are not available in the Free tier, such as Collaborative editing, Private projects, and External users, or Complex team hierarchy (subteams), Project templates, and Multi-project visual boards. However, being a professor and running a research lab, universities simply do not provide us with funding to pay for this sort of software. Our budgets are constantly being cut. Lots of companies provide tiers (equivalent to Space's Team or Org) for free or steeply discounted (~ 85% off) because of this. Plus, we use these products with students who are eventually moving into for-profit organizations where they can advocate for using this software on a much larger scale. 

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We understand importance of making our tools available for education and research, for instance we provide all our individual developer tools for free.

We will most certainly be providing some was for educational organizations to use Space at discounted rates but at this point we're not ready to commit to particular parameters as we yet need to analyse more data on our expenses running in the cloud during the early access program.


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